Cultivation Eyebrow

The cultivation eyebrows in the process of Turkey’s common in MyHairTrans because the eye area is one of the most important facial features and is one of the processes minute that requires skill and experience, even though it takes place in a short time

How is the cultivation eyebrows?

For people who have lost hair of the eyebrows or a part of it as a result of hereditary factors or as a result of accidents or drugs and treatments led to lose the hair of eyebrows

Unit FUE under local anesthesia process is done by using the Micro-tech device uses FUE follicle from the donor area and ends in record time between time and two hours Then they are planted in the eyebrow-Free Zone of hair or hair to be intensified

Pettm determine the shape of the patient’s brow after consultation with a plastic surgeon and is planning eyebrow shape in terms of width, height and shape depending on the patient and the most appropriate form that is consistent with the patient’s face painting request

To grow eyebrow hair roots can be taken from different places to the top of the area between the ears and called the name of the donor area After cultivation eyebrows patient can shower after a day of the operation and are advised not to rub the eyebrow area and avoid violent sports and will notice a slight redness and itchy cultivated in the region but soon go away in a week at most.