Mesotherapy is an application and direct it to the middle class for skin treatment.

The goal is to reduce as much as possible the activity of the material and injected into the place to be treated to be more effective this operation is performed for the face and hairy skin with mesotherapy given small doses of substances that are deficient in the hair follicles and give a short duration of effectiveness.

Hair Mesotherapy applied in each region, where he works on alert cells metabolism to prevent hair loss and hair Zayadhh in quality and works to revitalize the hair and increase its length.

Those who benefit from Mesotherapy who suffer from psychological stress and hair loss and who have hair loss after pregnancy suddenly.

It is treated for 20-25 minutes sessions once per week and one ending with 8 first four sessions shall be held once per week and the remaining four sessions every 15 days, during which the first part of the healing process completed last two sessions once every 15 days or once a month.

The positive differences appear after 5-7 sessions the first positive results appear after two months.

Hair follicles that respond directly injected vitamins that was to accelerate Hair extension or expansion of Qatar hair and make it stronger.

These few side effects of treatment drugs used mesotherapy very diverse was approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are sold in pharmacies and mostly Herbal Products.