Hair loss and some of the problems that cause the skin to destroy the foodstuffs glabrous have the obvious reasons.

Capillary veins that nourish hair follicles need blood circulation in the veins to deliver the necessary materials to the hair follicles.

Blood inside the veins in the case of a movement always means this neighborhood liquid consists of two main sections: the plasma, and the cells that make these two sections.

At the present time, unfortunately, the food needed to prevent hair follicles many factors including: personal factors, led by genetic factors, circulatory disorders, aging, environmental factors (smoking, poor nutrition) and also cosmetics.

Medium amount of blood in the human body between 5-6 liters.

50 to 60% of the blood and fluid called plasma 40-50% is made up of cells.

Blood cells are made up of three main red blood cells and white cells and platelets things

Platelets are smaller cells in the blood that does not contain a nucleus and function of providing blood clotting also plays a role in wound healing Thrombocytopenia may become used in medicine in several places, Your blood can now restore to you young.

PRP as it works on the transfer of durable materials found inside the blood to the hairy area and is working to hide those problems.

That which we called growth factor in the blood constituent separating substances injected into the skin hairy.

The PRP treatment achieved so far by injection compared to some successful treatments has given great results and have made in one session treatment.

Process for 30 minutes and depends on the renewal of tissue without pain and without leaving any trace and the person who held his treatment back to normal life and apply the treatment for three months, once every month and then every year once be enough.