The Cultivation Of The Beard And Mustache

The cultivation of the beard and mustache of the most common operations in our MyHairTrans it is suitable and effective for men who do not have a beard or have places empty of hair in the beard or men who have lost part of the beard as a result of their exposure to accidents, the beard is no different and mustache for hair of the head and vary in intensity from person to person

Some people do not pay attention to the weakness of hair and beard bothered them, they do not pay attention to the cultivation of the beard and mustache.

But what is important is the public view and natural form.

What is the method used in the cultivation of the beard? If there is a loss of living in different parts of this case are hair transplant and distributed according to the density of those areas that surround the free areas of the hair either if the person does not have to live fully in this case leave the question of determining the density and show it naturally.

Are grown beard through a technique FUE where they are taking hair from the back of the head (the donor area) or the chest area in the absence of the presence of thick hair at the back of the head and we can cultivate 1000 to 3000 bulb hair in the shape you show it determined naturally and is worth mentioning that in the case beard annoying or if the end result is not satisfactory it can remove some hair laser technology.

What happens after the procedure? Do not leave the cultivation Beard any trace in the region excerpt of which will be Note punctuate small blood in planted area due to needle anesthesia used during cultivation of the hair follicles will start the body feeding the transplanted hair and for this reason may notice redness lasts redness of one to two weeks in the second week, a section of the will flaking beard cultivated after 4 to 8 months, the transplanted hair will start to grow facial naturally and permanently.

What manner as the cultivation of the mustache? Are grown mustache in the upper region of the lips also using FUE technique enables us to this way of taking the largest number of follicles that we need to grow the mustache is thin pick out the hair roots from the area between the ears over the neck or from the top of the ears using devices diameter ranges 0.6-0 not. 7 and the process is done from wounds is not take a lot of time during the month 4-6 months the transplanted follicles to grow normally start in the event notice any free zone is cultivated again by our center.